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ICIEA 2019 Special Invited Session on Recent Advances on Control Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems

Organizers: Dr. Xinghua Liu, Dr. Zhiwei Liu and Dr. Jun Yang

Motivation for the Session:

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) have gained great attention in recent years. Many control applications now take advantage of communication networks and the loops are closed via the network. CPS provide many advantages which classical control systems do not have, for example, reducing the system wiring, making the system easy to operate and maintain, and increase system agility.

Despite the many advantages CPS have brought, finite bandwidth, limited energy resources, imperfect communication and possible security breaches can severely degrade the system performance and may even cause instability. Therefore control algorithms over CPS requires a deeper understanding on the nature of interactions between the communication, computation, control and the underlying physical world in order to guarantee efficient and secure system operation. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field, open dialogue between researchers is essential for its continued advancement. The motivation of this invited session “Cyber-Physical Systems: Control, Consensus, Estimation and Security”, is to bring together contributions that develop new tools for analyzing and designing control algorithms over CPS. The contributions of this proposed invited session will touch upon several aspects of aforementioned challenges, ranging from theory to practice.

Relevance of the Session:

The presentations will be given by well-known experts for all over the globe who are actively contributing to the rapid developments in the area of CPS. The session focuses on analysis and design of efficient control algorithm in CPS, such as multi-agent systems, networked systems, power systems. Specific topics addressed in this session include:


(i) Modeling, identification, and optimization of networking intelligent systems
(ii) Control of CPS and consensus algorithms design.
(iii) Tracking control of CPS.
(iv) Distributed CPS.

Because of its wide coverage, the session should be of interest to a wide range of IEEE ICIEA attendees. As the covered topic is relevant for many industrial applications but also include new theoretical challenges, the session should attract both practitioners as well as academic researchers.


Dr. Xinghua Liu

Department of Electrical Engineering

School of Automation and Information Engineering

Xi’an University of Technology

Email: liuxh@xaut.edu.cn


Dr. Zhiwei Liu

School of Automation

Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Email: zwliu@sina.com

Dr. Jun Yang

School of Automation

Southeast University

Email: j.yang84@seu.edu.cn

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