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ICIEA 2019 Special Invited Session on Sensing, Diagnostics, Prognostics and Control Based on Big data

Organizers: Prof. Yangming Guo and Prof. Peican Zhu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

email: yangming_g@nwpu.edu.cn; ericcan@nwpu.edu.cn


The advent of big data produces strong impact even challenge with traditional techniques and models in test data acquisition, recording, transmitting and processing. How to effectively use the big data of complex system running state to analysis and management its “health”, is a new problem faced by researchers. This special session focuses on recent development in this area.


The topics include but are not limit to: 1. Physics Failure Analysis Using Big Data Technologies; 2. Statistical Analysis of Uncertainty Data; 3. System Health Monitoring Big Data Analysis; 4. Big Data Tools for Prognostics and System Health Management; 5. Big Data-driven Prediction Methods; and 6. Experimental validations.


Guidelines for Paper Submission

For more detailed information on ICIEA2019, please go to the following website: http://www.ieeeiciea.org. The template of the paper can be found from http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html.

Please submit your full paper (maximum length of 6 pages) on the conference website by 30 Nov 2019.

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