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Important Notes


The legal tender of the People's Republic of China, issued by the People's Bank of China, is the Renminbi, literally people's currency.
• Short official name: CNY (China Yuan)
• Abbreviation: RMB
• Chinese: Ren Min Bi (人民币)
• Symbol: ¥
• Monetary unit: Yuan (元)
• Fractional units: Jiao (角) and Fen (分)

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June is the official beginning of the summer months in Xian. The temperature is on the rise. The weather is hot with an average temperature of 25 C (77 F) and most days are sunny. The high temperature of some days may shoot up to 37C (99 F).

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Time Difference

China maintains a single time zone, which is eight hours ahead of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT +8), called Beijing Time (sometimes known as Chinese Standard Time).

Emergency Number

Call 110/120 to be connected to police/ ambulance services, Call 119 to be connected to fire services.

Drinking water

You cannot drink tap water in China. Please drink boiled water or buy bottled water.


Taxis are plentiful and convenient. Most of the city's taxis are turquoise-green in color and easily identifiable by the word "Taxi" printed in both English and Chinese on the vehicles. Taxis for hire are marked by the green (or sometimes yellow-orange) light-up signs above the dashboard on each car.


The price shows up on the taximeter. Minimum charge is 10 Chinese Yuan (RMB) for all routes under three kilometers and 2 Yuan per km after that, plus 1 RMB "fuel tax" mandated by the government since 2006. There is a low "slow-speed" charge for when the taxi stops in traffic.


NOTE:Whenever you take a taxi, please do not forget to get a receipt from the cab driver. There are car numbers on the receipt. Once your belongings are left on the cab, this receipt would help you to get them back.


In recognition of the good service, tipping waiters and maids in high-level western restaurants, guides and drivers from an organized tour group, as well as bellhops who take your luggage to the room has become gradually accepted as common practice in China as elsewhere in the world. But it is still unnecessary to tip when taking a taxi, hiring a car or dining in Chinese restaurants. Please kindly note that in some Chinese cities but especially the internationalized metropolis of Hong Kong and Macau, tipping is very common.


Electric current is 220 Volt, 50Hz. Two or Three pin rectangular plugs are used. For more information, please visit your local travel store. To a list of the outlets and plugs used in China, check here: http://electricaloutlet.org/