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Oral Presentation Guidelines


1. Please note that the time allocated to each oral presentation is 15 minutes and 5 munutes of Questions and Answers.


2. Microsoft PowerPoint slides or Acrobat PDF for presentation on a LCD video projector is recommended.


3. All the presentation rooms will be equipped with a computer running Windows  operating system, with Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader and a LCD video projector.


4. We recommend that presenters bring their presentation files in a format compatible with one of the above applications, with the files stored in a USB flash drive.


5. Alternatively, presenters can use their own notebook computer. If you choose to use your own notebook computer, we recommend that you bring a backup copy of the presentation in a USB flash drive.


6. For those working on Mac computers, please remember to bring along the adaptor for connection to the video projector cable.


7. Presentation files can be up-loaded into the computer in the assigned presentation room on morning of the presentation from 08:00 hours onwards, or during the tea/coffee breaks. There will be an assistant in the room to help you.