Professor Fengchun Sun
Fengchun Sun

Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology
Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Dean of Shenzhen Automotive Research Institute
Beijing Institute of Technology

Vice President of the China Electrotechnical Society


Fengchun Sun, Ph.D, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is an distinguished expert in the field of automotive electrification. He also serves as the Dean of Shenzhen Automotive Research Institute, Beijing Institute of Technology, and the Vice President of the China Electrotechnical Society.


As one of the pioneering experts in automotive electrification engineering in China, Prof. Sun has long engaged in research and development of electric vehicles, covering overall vehicle design, system integration and control, and electric powertrain, charging/swapping station and vehicle safety technologies. He is the first in China to develop a complete technical system of “Electric Vehicles - Charging/Swapping Stations - Cloud-Based Real-Time Monitoring”.


He presided over the technical and product development of the first zero-emission city buses operating in the core arena of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and developed the ultra-low-temperature battery system and key technologies of all-climate new energy vehicles servicing in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. He also established the National Engineering Research Center for Electric Vehicles and the National Monitoring and Management Center for New Energy Vehicles.


He holds 65 patents and has published 9 academic books and over 200 peer-reviewed journal papers, with a total citation number of more than 9,000.


Development and Prospect of New Energy Vehicles


Transportation electrification and high-efficiency vehicles have been globally recognized as viable means of promoting sustainable mobility. Following the transitioning of rail transportation electrification, road transportation electrification has also seen substantial acceleration in recent years. With the maturing of electric vehicles (also known as new energy vehicle in China) after the strenuous development of related technologies over the past half century, a new era of large-scale road transportation electrification has been ushered in worldwide.


Based on the research achievements over the past 30 years in Beijing Institute of Technology, this report will introduce the development history and current status of new energy vehicle industries, the underlying key technologies and mainstream products both at home and abroad. Undoubtedly, further development of automotive electrification will profoundly reshape the automotive industry. Electrified, connected, shared and automated vehicles and intelligent transportation systems will be the major technological development directions for a long time to come. In future, the quality of new energy vehicles would be largely determined by the system electrification development level, while onboard software would significantly define the functionalities of automated and connected new energy vehicles that would bring personalized experiences to customers.