In case you can not attend the conference due to visa or health problems, we will allow you to send us a presentation video.  We will arrange to play it on the conference.


Please follow the instructions below to prepare your presentation video,


1.    Please use attached PPT file to use as a template for the first slide of your presentation. This template includes a placeholder for the title of the presentation, paper number, and a placeholder for a photo of the presenter/author. Once you have customized this slide with your specific information and photo, please add it as the first slide of your presentation PPT deck. This is important to ensure your presentation can be easily identified.

2.    Video Self-recording requirements: For recording, it is our suggestion that you use, but you can use any method that will allow you to deliver a 720p or 1080p, .mp4 video file that is under 500MB file size. The video length should not be more than 20 minutes.

3.    Recording Tips: Here are a few more pointers to make this recording the best it can be:

       Connect to the Internet with a wired Ethernet connection. This will give you much greater quality and performance.

       Check video recording quality settings and assure it is set to 1080p or 720p resolution. Depending on your computer and camera, this may require adjusting the settings for the camera in your OS, but start with the settings within Zoom (or whichever application you are using).

       A laptop or desktop computer is preferred over a Smartphone or tablet. Though we have seen successful presentations delivered via tablet device.

       Donít be outside. Wind and background noise make your deviceís microphone adjust and your voice may sound muffled.

       Do not run any other programs while using Zoom (or other video conferencing application). Close all unnecessary applications before launching your zoom session so all processing power can be used to maximize video and audio quality.

       Pay attention to your on-camera background. Too much light behind you and you appear to be only a dark figure. Also, donít have anything behind you that may be distracting to those who are on the other side.

       Make sure you have a good source of light falling on your face(facing an exterior window is excellent) from behind the camera..

       Pay attention to your attire. Donít wear stripes or anything too bright. Solid colors are best.

4.    Send you video file to by 30 November 2022.  If your file is too large to be sent in email, you may place on any cloud storage and send us the procedure to download the file.