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Poster Presentation Guidelines


1. You will be provided with a poster board to mount/display your poster.


2. The maximum permitted dimension for your poster display is the standard A1 size — 841mm (height) by 594mm (width).


3. Poster MUST be in PORTRAIT layout. Your paper/presentation code will be indicated on the board.


4. Please note that the width of the poster board may not be exceeded under any circumstances.


5. Presenters are invited to send their soft copy file to iciea2022@wpc-sg.com by 30 November 2022 the conferennce.  We will print it out for you to be display on the conference.  Presenters can choose to set up their poster 10 minutes before the start of the scheduled poster session too.


6.    Presenters are required to standby their posters to answer questions from audiences.