ICIEA 2023 Special Session

SS01: Advanced Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Organized by:


Organizer 1: Wei Wang

Email: w.wang@buaa.edu.cn  

Affiliation: Beihang University, China


Organizer 2: Jiangshuai Huang

Email: jshuang@cqu.edu.cn   

Affiliation: Chongqing University, China


Summary of session:

Autonomous systems play an increasingly important role in both control and engineering applications. For example, autonomous robots have been employed in assembly lines, construction sites and even at home resulting a big impact to our daily life. As another example, unmanned aerial, ground, surface and underwater systems have been deployed to execute various challenging tasks in difficult terrains. However, autonomous systems are usually featured with dynamics coupling, actuator saturation, under-actuated structure, time-varying disturbance, etc., and thereby presenting great challenges and difficulties in system analysis and controller design. Recently, by employing intelligent approaches, advanced control methodologies for autonomous systems have been proposed and rapidly developed.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1. Advanced Intelligent Control:

Intelligent control theories and methods, multi-agent collaborative control, sensor fusion in intelligent automatic systems;


2. Robotic Assembly and Manufacturing:

human-robot interaction, intelligent reasoning, motion planning, multi-modal perception, automatic operation;


3. Robot Grasping and Manipulation:

grasping planning, grasp synergies, human grasping and manipulation modeling and learning, dexterous manipulation, in-hand manipulation, learning and cognitive development of grasping and manipulation;


4. Vision and Navigation:

SLAM, 3D vision, RGB-D Perception, machine vision, vision inspection, scene understanding;


5. Bionic Robots and Technologies:

Bionic materials, Mechanism, Ingenious structure;


6. Deep Learning and Pattern Recognition:

objection detection, and recognition


7. Applications to Autonomous Systems:

Unmanned surface vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, spacecrafts, robotic systems, flexible manipulators etc..