ICIEA 2023 Special Session

SS03: Linear machines and MAGLEV systems

Organized by:


Organizer 1: Qinfen Lu

Email: luqinfen@zju.edu.cn  

Affiliation: Zhejiang University, China


Organizer 2: Gang Lv

Email: ganglv@bjtu.edu.cn

Affiliation: Beijing Jiaotong University, China


Organizer 3: Jianfei Pan

Email: pjf@szu.edu.cn  

Affiliation: Shenzhen University, China



Summary of session:

With the ability to generate direct thrust without any mechanical transmission, the linear machines serve as an excellent choice for industrial applications requiring linear motion such as rail transits, MAGLEVs, servo systems, wave-energy generators, conveyors and compressors, etc. Due to the special characteristics of linear machines e.g.the end/edge-effects, the large air-gap length, the half-filled end slots, vertical and lateral forces etc., researchers face massive challenges in both design techniques and control strategies for high performance linear machines, drives, MAGLEVs, and so on.


This special session aims to investigate the latest theoretical and technological ideas in the design and control for different kinds of linear machines and MAGLEV systems. Advancements in new topologies, integrated modelling, multi-objective optimization techniques, and high performance control strategies are of great interest. Manuscripts with both theoretical and practical/experimental results are strongly encouraged.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1.         Mathematical modelling of linear machines and MAGLEVs

2.         End/edge-effects and forces analysis for linear machines

3.         New topologies of linear machines and drive systems

4.         New materials and applications for linear machines and drive systems

5.         Integrated (multi-physics) modelling and analysis for linear machines and MAGLEVs

6.         Multi-objective optimization techniques for linear machines and MAGLEVs

7.         Advanced control strategies for linear machines, drives, and MAGLEVs

8.         Other related topics of linear machines and MAGLEVs