ICIEA 2023 Special Session

SS04: Advances in Precision Motion Control: Design, Modeling and Implementation

Organized by:


Organizer 1: Silu Chen

Email: chensilu@nimte.ac.cn   

Affiliation: Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Organizer 2: Rui Yang

Email: .yang@xjtlu.edu.cn; rui.yang@liverpool.ac.uk

Affiliation: Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

                 The University of Liverpool, UK


Summary of session:

Precision motion control is the core technology to achieve higher quality and throughput in the production lines. Thus, it is crucial in high-end equipment design and advanced manufacturing sectors. Pushed by latest upstream technologies such as sensor networks, big-data and deep learning, greater opportunity are awarded to researches on precision motion systems. Meanwhile, bigger challenges are raised on this field due to users’ increasing demands on higher speed, higher precision and more flexible manufacturing processes.

The special session on “Advances in Precision Motion Control” aims to share the recent advances on the multi-axis precision stage design, calibration technology, dynamics modeling and advanced motion controller synthesis, incorporated with emerging technologies such as sensor fusion, precision metrology, data-driven modeling, intelligent systems and coupled multi-physical processes analysis. It is expected that this workshop helps better understand the fundamental concepts and theories on stage design, calibration, modeling, and controller design, with possible applications to precision engineering, logistics, micro and nano-engineering and biotechnology.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1. Design and modelling of ultra-precision motion stages:

Novel designs, new mechanisms of precision motion stages, and the associated kinematic, kinetostatic and dynamic modeling


2. Calibration of precision motion systems:

The design and setup of the calibration system, the methods of kinematic error modeling, identification and compensation.


3. Design of advance control methods:

Design of robust and/or adaptive control methods for multi-axis coordinate motion control, especially for systems with rigid-flex coupling, parallel mechanism, over-actuated/under-actuated systems, or non-holonomic systems.


4. Tuning of precision motion control systems:

Data-based tuning of the motion control systems with complicated control structures to achieve predefine performance.


5. Precision motion control with human-machine cohabitation

Controller design and path planning of precision motion stages under human-machine cohabitation.


6. Applications of precision motion control systems:

Applications of precision motion control systems to the precision machining, semiconductor manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, logistics and many other applications.