ICIEA 2023 Special Session

SS07: Motor Systems Employing Advanced Materials

Organized by:


Organizer 1: Tong Wenming

Email: twm822@126.com    

Affiliation: Shenyang University of Technology, China


Organizer 2: Qiu Shuheng

Email: qiushuheng@nimte.ac.cn   

Affiliation: Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Summary of session:

As motor systems are widely used in extreme scenarios such as humanoid robots, aerospace, ultra-high-speed spindles, and electric vehicles, et al. the performance requirements of motor systems continue to develop in the direction of high efficiency and high power density. To break through the performance limits of motor systems based on traditional electromagnetic materials, researchers have introduced advanced materials such as Fe-Co-V alloy (1J22), amorphous alloys, SmCo magnets, SiC power semiconductors, and evaporative cooling medium, et al. It has been successfully applied to motor cores, rotors, drivers and cooling devices. Thanks to the application of novel materials, the performance of the motor system has been further improved. However, motor systems employing advanced materials are also facing new challenges in terms of service performance evolution, design criteria, and drive methods.


This special session aims to discuss the latest theories and achievements in the performance improvement, processing technology, and driving methods obtained by the application of advanced materials in motor systems. Service performance of advanced materials in motor systems, topology innovation based on advanced materials and its design method, high-performance driver with novel control methods is of great interest. Manuscripts with both theoretical and practical/experimental results are strongly encouraged.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1.         New topologies of motors employing advanced materials.

2.         Precision simulation of motors employing advanced materials.

3.         Near-limit design of motors employing advanced materials.

4.         Thermal management of motor system based on advanced materials.

5.         Manufacture technology of motors employing advanced materials.

6.         SiC/GaN motor driver and its control method.

7.         Other related topics of motor systems employing advanced materials.