Invited and Special Sessions

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Approved Special Sessions

SS01: Future Robotics Technologies and Applications (FRTA)
Jingbing Zhang, Zhengguo Li

SS02: Sensors and Digital Technologies for Industrialized Aquaculture & Low-Carbon Fisheries
Weiming Cai

SS03: Safety, Reliability and Security Monitoring and Maintenance of Complicated Technical Systems
Yuchen Jiang, Hao Luo, Shen Yin

SS04: Neural Networks and Applications in Robot Systems
Long Jin, Chenguang Yang, Shuai Li

SS05: Digitalization and Intelligentization of Mechatronic Systems
Houxiang Zhang, Guoyuan Li

SS06: Computer Vision and Image Processing for Engineering and Biomedical Applications
Lijun David Jiang, Huiqi Li

SS07: Advances in Cybersecurity Measures for Sustainable Mobility and Electric Vehicles
Luca Crocetti

SS08: Robotics Platforms for Research and Education
Daniel Hagen, Jing Zhou

SS09: Smart Inspection and Tracking for Manufacture, Biomedical and Marine Engineering
Lijun David Jiang, Jianmin Zhang

SS10: Advanced Control of Uncertain Systems with Industrial Applications
Huijin Fan, Wang Wei, Jiangshuai Huang

SS11: Artificial Intelligence for Power Electronics dominated Power Systems
Mengfan Zhang, Chao Ren, Di Cao, Qianwen Xu

SS12: Intelligent Perception and Operational Control of Industrial Systems
Wei Dai, Nannan Lu

SS13: Resilience-oriented Design, Control and Operation of Modern Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids
Xiaoqing HAN, Pengfeng LIN, Shuli WEN

SS14: System Control and Modeling
Xingjian Wang, Gang Chen

SS15: Signal and Information Processing
Yisheng Guan, Yue Zhang

SS16: Intelligent Computing and Pattern Recognition
Ping Wang, Duanling Li

SS17: System Design and Analysis
Haiwen Yuan, Zhongyi Li

SS18: State Detection and Optimization
Yunhua Li, Jinsong Yu

SS19: Poster Session
Weihai Chen, Liman Yang

SS20: Opto-Electronic Measurement, Metrology, Inspection and Machine Vision
Zhao Hong, Lijun David Jiang

SS21: DC-DC High Gain Converter- Topologies, Control, and Application
Mahajan Sagar Bhaskar, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Francesco Iannuzzo