Invited Session on Advanced Control Technologies For Power Electronics and Applications

Organizers: Chuanlin Zhang and Fanghong Guo

Power electronics devices, which are commonly employed to adapt energy sources to the load requirements (or vice versa), are intensively used in DC or AC supply applications. These devices present several challenges regarding their control issue since modern electronic systems such as computer systems, communication equipments, medical instruments, etc. deeply require high-quality, lightweight, reliable, adaptive, and efficient power supplies. As is well known that popular PI control strategies might encounter a limited stability region, and non-optimized transient time performance, etc. Advanced nonlinear control technologies are hence of significance and more demanded for power electronics regarding large-signal stabilization and control performance optimization issues. Original innovative research papers addressing the following three control strategy design areas and their potential applications are invited:

  • Nonlinear Control for Power Electronics: research focused on enhancing the robustness and adaptivity for DC/AC power supply when feeding constant power loads, or other serious uncertainties.
  • Model Predictive Control for Power Electronics: research focused on the application of model predictive control into power electronics, aiming for an optimized voltage/frequency regulation performance.
  • Decentralized/Distributed Control for Microgrids: research focused on the interconnected small-scale power system with paralleled power electronics under different control topologies, to realize frequency/voltage regulation, accurate power sharing and reliable working condition.

Research papers with proper consideration for practical applications, e.g., in the form of hardware in loop simulation, prototypes, and/or with industrial collaboration partnership will be considered favorably for acceptance.

Please submit your full paper on the submission website by deadline.