Invited and Special Sessions

1. Special Session on Future Robotics Technologies and Applications
Organizers: Jingbing Zhang, Zhengguo Li

2. Invited Session on Advanced Control Technologies For Power Electronics and Applications
Organizers: Chuanlin Zhang and Fanghong Guo

3. Invited Session on Condition monitoring in power electronics and electrical machines
Organizers: Prof. Khang Huynh and Dr. Surya Kandukuri

4. Invited Session on Distributed Renewable Energies: Modeling, Planning, Regulation and Application
Organizers: Qian Zhang and Ming Wu

5. Invited Session on Motor-drive servo system: Modeling, Analysis, Structure/Controller/compensator Design and Optimization
Organizers: Jiwen Zhao and Qian Zhang

6. Invited Session on Autonomous vehicle state-of-the-art, challenges and future road map
Organizer: Prof. Ajit Jha

7. Invited Session on Advanced control technologies for robotic system and its applications
Organizer: Dr. Yiming Jiang and Prof. Chenguang Yang

8. Invited Session on Power Converters for Energy Router: Topologies, Advanced Control Strategies and Applications
Organizer: Jingjing Huang, Benfei Wang

9. Invited Session on Advanced Control Methodologies for Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Industrial Applications
Organizer: Wei Wang, Jiangshuai Huang

10. Invited Session on Social Manufacturing: Theories and Applications
Organizer: Gang Xiong, Lijun Jiang

11. Invited Session on Advanced Control and Topology for Railway Traction Drive System
Organizer: Prof. Song Wensheng, Prof. Lv Gang

12. Invited Session on Power Electronics Application Technologies in Rail Transit: Intelligent Interface Design, Advanced Control Strategies, Modelling and Reliability
Organizer: Prof. Xiaoqiong He, Prof. Yuan Cao

13. Special Session on Smart manufacturing System and Data Analytics
Organizers: Dr Junhong Zhou

14. Special Session on PHM Application with Big Data Methods
Organizers: Guo Yangming and Zhu Peican

15. Special Session on Advanced Mechatronics in Offshore Systems
Organizers: Prof. Houxiang Zhang, Prof. Jing Zhou

16. Invited Session on Advanced Control Methods in Flight Vehicles and Applications
Organizers: Dr. Xiangbin Liu

17. Invited Session on Advanced Modeling, Analysis and Control Techniques and Emerging Applications of Modular Multilevel Converters
Organizers: Jinyu Wang, Shunfeng Yang

18. Invited Session on Hybrid Energy Storage Topologies, Advanced Control Strategies and Applications in Power System Operation, Control and Planning
Organizers: Xiaoqing Han, Peng Wang

19. Invited Session on Grid-connected and isolated renewable energy systems
Organizers: Prof. Xiaoqiang Guo, Prof. Mariusz Malinowski, Prof. Elisabetta Tedeschi

20. Invited Session on Image Processing and Data Analysis for Engineering and Biomedical Application
Organizers: Dr. Lijun Jiang, David and Dr. Huiqi Li

21. Special Session on Advanced techniques towards more electrified and intelligent mobility
Organizers: Dr. Wei Zhongbao, Dr. Jiang Chaoyang

22. Special Session on Design for Electrical Components and Systems
Organizers: Prof. Yang Bo, Prof. Yang Chunling

23. Special Session on System Control and Modeling
Organizers: Prof. Wang Xingjian, Prof. Wu Shuai

24. Special Session on System Design and Test
Organizers: Prof. Yu Jinsong, Prof. Xiao Jin

25. Special Session on System Simulation and Analysis
Organizers: Prof. Li Yunhua, Prof. Jia Qingxuan

26. Special Session on Modelling and Control of Robots
Organizers: Prof. Pei Zhongcai, Prof. Chen Gang

27. Special Session on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Organizers: Prof. Zhang Baochang, Prof. Zhang Yan

28. Special Poster Session
Organizers: Prof. Chen Weihai, Prof. Zhang Chao

29. Special Session on Signal and Information Processing
Organizers: Prof. Yimin Zhou  and Ms. Zheng Jing