Invited Session on Distributed Renewable Energies: Modeling, Planning, Regulation and Application

Organizers: Qian Zhang and Ming Wu

Renewable energies are becoming more and more important in the generation of electricity, and they present advantages such as cleanness, easy availability, low cost, and abundance. A number of renewable energy technologies are now commercially available, the most notable being photovoltaic, wind power, solar thermal systems, biomass, and various forms of hydraulic power. Large share of renewable energies brings new technique challenges of power quality, protection, stability, and voltage regulation.  Original innovative research papers addressing the modeling, operation, stability, control of distributed renewable energies and their potential applications are invited:

  • Modeling of Renewable Power Generations: research focused on forecasting methods of photovoltaic/wind power generation, modeling, simulation and control of renewable power generation units, to guarantee the optimal operation of distributed energy systems.
  • Planning of Distribution Power Network with Renewable Generations: research focused on the optimal planning of optimal size, location and technology of distributed renewable generation units considering economic, technical, and environmental issues simultaneously.
  • Regulation of Distribution Power Network with Renewable Power Generation: research focused on system stability analysis, interactions between power grid and renewable power generation units, voltage and frequency control strategy of large-scale and distributed renewable power generation system.
  • Applications in Intelligent micro-grids and Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things (UPIoT): research focused on the application of distributed renewable power generations to UPIoT and intelligent micro-grids, aiming for the deep integration of interconnected power and communication networks, and better services for the power network, users, society, suppliers and government.

Please submit your full paper on the submission website by deadline.

Qian Zhang, Anhui University, China,
Ming Wu, CEPRI,  China,