Invited Session on Advanced Control Methodologies for Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Industrial Applications

Organizers: Wei Wang and Jiangshuai Huang

During the last decades, modern industrial systems have become more and more complicated due to the significantly increased demands on quality, reliability, economics as well as system performance. The applications of complicated industrial systems need precise control performance due to rigorous operating requirements. Reliability, efficiency, and safety are becoming the objectives of the control algorithms developed by engineers and researchers. Advanced nonlinear control, estimation and fault diagnosis techniques for complicated industrial systems are uncertain technical issues to be improved. Many research endeavors are being taken by both academia and industry to improve the technologies for efficient control, diagnosis and health monitoring of uncertain industrial systems. The purpose of this invited session is to create a platform for scientists, engineers and practitioners to present their latest theoretical and technological advancements in advanced nonlinear control, estimation and fault diagnosis techniques for uncertain industrial systems. The focus will be on the advanced and the non-traditional approaches that incorporate considerable novelties. The submitted manuscripts should contain both theoretical and practical/experimental results and will be subject to the normal review procedures of the 15th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

1) Modeling and identification of uncertain industrial systems
2) Adaptive control of uncertain systems with cyber-security problems
3) Multi-agent systems with industrial applications
4) Nonlinear adaptive intelligent control for industrial systems
5) Advanced model-based fault diagnosis techniques
6) Applications including industrial informatics and electronics processes etc.
7) Sliding mode control and its applications in industrial electronics
8) Robust filtering methods and its applications to industrial systems
9) Optimization techniques and applications for industrial systems
10) Real-time application issues with engineering applications

Please submit your full paper on the submission website by deadline.

Wei Wang , Beihang University, China,
Jiangshuai Huang,  Chongqing University,  China,