Invited Session on Advanced Control Methods in Flight Vehicles and Applications

Organizers: Dr. Xiangbin Liu

With frequent human aerospace activities, new types of flight vehicles with stringent control performance requirement are required. The dynamics of the vehicles are characterized by multiple variables, high nonlinearities, strong couplings and subjected to various kinds of disturbances as well. Flight vehicles are safety-critical in aerospace environment. Meanwhile, lots of aerospace tasks must be fulfilled via multiple vehicles cooperation. It is a challenging job for the control society to synthesize controllers and tested on the ground for those aerospace vehicles to guarantee the desired closed-loop performance. Innovation methodologies with applications for the control law design are demanded urgently for controller design to meet aerospace activities requirements.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

1. Modelling and identification of new types of flight vehicles

2. Adaptive and learning control of flight vehicles with applications

3. Robust control and its applications for flight vehicles

4. Optimization techniques and applications for flight vehicles

5. Disturbance rejection/attenuation of flight vehicles

6. Advanced model-based fault tolerance control techniques for flight vehicles

7. Cooperative operation of multiple flight vehicles

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Xiangbin Liu, Beijing Jiaotong University, China,