Invited Session on Power Converters for Energy Router: Topologies, Advanced Control Strategies and Applications

Organizers: Jingjing Huang, Xi’an University of Technology, Benfei Wang, Sun Yat-sen University

Energy Router (ER) which provides intelligent interfaces for distributed renewable energy sources, energy storage devices, loads, etc. is crucial to the next-generation power system, i.e., smart grid. It is required to flexibly manage the bidirectional power flow, quickly isolate the fault from power grid and optimally guarantee the energy utilization by properly regulating its key component−power converters. These pose challenges on the topology and control strategies design of power converters for achieving the aforementioned goals, especially when various sources and loads are simultaneously connected to ER in the manner of plug and play. Prospective authors are invited to submit the original contributions and survey papers on the following potential topics:

  • Power converters design for ER (topologies, parameters, filters, transformers, etc.)
  • Modeling and advanced control of power converters for ER (multi-function operation, disturbance rejection ability, fast response, high power quality, etc.)
  • Stability and reliability of ER
  • Applications of ER in smart homes, buildings, cities, etc.
  • Hardware in loop and Real-time simulation verification on power converters for ER
  • Advanced information and communication technologies of ER

Research papers with proper consideration for practical applications will be considered favorably for acceptance.

Please submit your full paper on the submission website by deadline.

Jingjing Huang, Xi’an University of Technology,
Benfei Wang, Sun Yat-sen University,