Invited Session on Social Manufacturing: Theories and Applications

Organizers: Gang Xiong, Lijun Jiang

Since 2010s, Cyber-Physical System (CPS), Cyber-Physical Social System (CPSS) and Industry 4.0/5.0 have emerged and become hot research and industrial practice topics. In manufacturing industry, the latest supporting technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), social networks, cloud computing, 3D Printing, and knowledge based intelligent systems, led to an innovative Social Manufacturing mode, where physical manufacturing facility, capacity and social factors are reflected into a manufacturing cyber space.

This session is devoted to the basic theories and supporting technologies of Social Manufacturing.

Its basic theories include the Social Manufacturing Paradigm, the Architecture, Configuration and Execution of Social Manufacturing Systems, Modeling and Analysis of CPSS (Cyber Physical Social System) for Manufacturing, Value Chain Design and Analysis, Ecosystem & Business Mode, Transformation Modes to SM etc. Its supporting technologies includes Open Product Design, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence driven 3D Scanning & Modelling & Printing, IoT & Social Networked Factory, Social Business Relationships and Organizational Networks, Blockchain Models in Cybersecurity, and SM Cloud Platforms etc.

Its Application cases includes High-end Wearable Product, Healthcare Product, Industry Product, Education Product, Entrainment Product etc. Just to name a few.

Research papers with proper consideration for practical applications will be considered favorably for acceptance.

Please submit your full paper on the submission website by deadline.

Gang Xiong, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China,
Lijun Jiang, Republic Polytechnics, Sinagpore,