Invited Session on Motor-drive servo system: Modeling, Analysis, Structure/Controller/compensator Design and Optimization

Organizers:  Jiwen Zhao and Qian Zhang

Servo systems play important role in industry, military, aerospace and aviation areas. There are pneumatic, hydraulic and mechatronic turntables with different characteristics and functions. Among them, the motor-drive servo system is widely used in applications. Nowadays, the mechanical design, driving motors and sensors are all well developed. The control scheme and compensation method of the motor-drive servo turntable also have great possibility for improvement. The modeling and identification, stability and performance analysis, motor structural optimization, controller and compensator design are deeply involved in recent research. Original innovative research papers addressing the modeling, analysis, controller and compensator design, motor optimal design of motor-drive servo system and their potential applications are invited:

  • Modeling and Identification for Motor-Drive Servo System: research focused on mechanism modeling, time/frequency domain identification for motor-drive servo system to describe the electromagnetic field/ input-output relationship/ disturbance effect etc.
  • Stability/Structural/Electromagnetic/Robustness Analysis for Motor-Drive Servo System: research focused on analysis of BIBO/Lyapunov stability, electromagnet, structure and robustness for motor-drive servo system, to guarantee the global performance.
  • Controller and compensator Design for Motor-Drive Servo System: research focused on various control strategies for motor-drive servo system, such as LQG, H∞, fuzzy, predictive, sliding controllers. The compensator study is also encouraged to eliminate or alleviate the unexpected influence of complicated disturbance, including but not limited to friction, backlash, and motor torque fluctuation.
  • Structure and Motor Performance Optimization Design: research focused on structure design of motor-drive servo system and the performance optimization design of motors.

Research papers with proper consideration for practical applications, e.g., in the form of hardware in loop simulation, prototypes, and/or with industrial collaboration partnership will be considered favorably for acceptance.

Please submit your full paper on the submission website by deadline.

Jiwen Zhao , Hefei University of Technology, China,
Qian Zhang,  Anhui University ,  China,