Professor Dr.-Ing. Armando Walter Colombo

Fellow IEEE, Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Systems Council

He joined the Department of Electrotechnical and Industrial Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer, Germany, became Full Professor in August 2010 and Director of the Institute for Industrial Informatics, Automation and Robotics (I2AR) in 2012.
Prof. Colombo worked also during the last 17 years as Manager for Collaborative Projects and also as Edison Level 2 Group Senior Expert at Schneider Electric, Industrial Business Unit.
Prof. Colombo received the BSc. on Electronics Engineering from the National Technological University of Mendoza, Argentina, in 1990, the MSc. on Control System Engineering from the National University of San Juan, Argentina, in 1994, and the Doctor degree in Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, in 1998. From 1999 to 2000 was Adjunct Professor in the Group of Robotic Systems and CIM, Faculty of Technical Sciences, New University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Prof. Colombo has extensive experience in managing multi-cultural research teams in multi-regional projects. He has participated in leading positions in many international research and innovation projects.
His research interests are in the fields of industrial cyber-physical systems, industrialdigitalization and system-of-systems engineering, Internet-of-Services, Industry 4.0-compliant solutions.
Prof. Colombo has over 30 industrial patents and more than 300 per-review publications in journals, books, chapters of books and conference proceedings. With his contributions, he has performed scientific and technical seminal contributions that are nowadays being used as one of the basis of what is recognized as “The 4th Industrial Revolution” and are penetrating the daily life, producing visible societal changes and impacting all levels of the society.
He is co-founder of three IEEE IES Technical Committees (i) on Industrial Agents, (ii) on
Industrial Informatics and (iii) on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems. He is also member of the IEEE IES Administrative Committee (AdCom).
Prof. Colombo served/serves as advisor/expert for the definition of the Research and Innovation priorities within the Framework Programs FP6, FP7 and FP8 (HORIZON 2020) of the European Union, and he is working as expert/evaluator in the European Research Executive Agency (REA), ECSEL Platform, Eureka- and German BMBF/DLR Programs, as well as Digital Supercluster Canada, National R&D-Programs in Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, etc.
Prof. Colombo is listed in Who’s Who in the World /Engineering 99-00/01 and in Outstanding People of the XX Century (Bibliographic Centre Cambridge, UK).

Title: DIN SPEC 91345 RAMI4.0-based Engineering of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

Industry 4.0 is a collective term for technologies, concepts and novel business approaches, formalized under the DIN Specification 91345 RAMI4.0, that covers the whole industrial value chain, combining Cyber-Physical Systems, the Internet-of-Things and the Internet-of-Services. After presenting the scientific and technical background behind Industrial‐Cyber-Physical‐ Systems (ICPS), the audience/participants of the Plenary Keynote will get a deep view about:
– Digitalization and Networking of the economy. Principles.
– Building industrial eco-systems of digitalized and networked things/assets. Industry 4.0.
– Formalizing the digitalization and networking principles with the DIN Specification 91345 RAMI4.0
– Understanding why and how to navigate the 3D-model RAMI4.0 in order to fulfilling the major requirements for engineering the digitalization of the industrial value stream and the life cycle of ICPS?
– Understanding how to migrate from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 environments. Analysis and discussion of results of exemplary innovation projects.
– Overviewing a core curriculum for educating engineers at Master Level in Industry4.0 / Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems. Master on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems of the DAAD / CUAA-DAHZ, Germany-Argentina.