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Invited and Special Sessions:

If you are interested to organize a special session, please send proposal by using this template and email to the Special Session chairs led by Dr. Wenxiang Xie (wxxie@ieee.org) by the date listed in “Important Dates”.

SS01: Advanced Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Wei Wang, Jiangshuai Huang

SS02: Computer Vision and Image Processing for Engineering and Biomedical Applications
Jiang Lijun, Li Huiqi

SS03: Linear machines and MAGLEV systems
Qinfen Lu, Gang Lv, Jianfei Pan

SS04: Advances in Precision Motion Control: Design, Modeling and Implementation
Silu Chen, Rui Yang

SS05: Intelligent Technologies toward low carbon of large-scale buildings
Wang Xinli, Ou Xianhua

SS06: Advances in high-power-density electric drives: Design, Modeling, and control
Wei Chen, Yan Yan

SS07: Motor Systems Employing Advanced Materials
Tong Wenming, Qiu Shuheng

SS08: Advanced Cooperative Control and Optimization Strategies for Integrated Energy Systems
Peng Wang, Rui Wang, Wentao Jiang

SS09: Cyber-Physical Systems Based Electric Energy Router: Analysis, Modeling, and Control
Jingjing Huang, Zhanbo Xu, Jinyu Wang, Xinghua Liu, Xiaoyu Wang

SS10: Future Robotics Technologies and Applications (FRTA)
Jingbing Zhang, Zhengguo Li

SS11: Stability and Safety of Power Electronics Systems)
Xin Zhang, Bin Liu, Tianzhi Fang, Bin Guo, Hui Cai